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That's a good point, Unicron. The Functionists have 'Catholicism' written all over them. That's probably a good way to interpret their relationship to the Senate (remember that Cybertron is divided, politically, into city-states, each with their own representative in the Senate).

Re: Rewind's memories - it's not his memories being replaced but the information in his database. This probably ties in to the ideas Nightbeat had about data ghosts and whatnot when the Lost Light was disappearing.

I'd buy Brainstorm as a Functionist agent rather than a Decepticon. Chromedome called him out on his insincerity on the 'equal rights for knock-offs' line. We also don't know what his reaction to Tyrest's thingy meant. If he was forged he could have been faking the pain or his jury rigged dead spark might have had an averse reaction to the signal. If he was constructed cold then he might be stuck with a fatal case of self-loathing. Doesn't seem like Stormy's style but it could work...

Unicron:1. He went back to hunt down some Ununtrium and other materials needed for making a Phase Sixer, and did some random thing that messed with the timeline in the process.
That's not a bad connection. He would have known where Ununtrium was to be found as there's not much of it around. It does seem to be native to Cybertron and its moons though, doubtful if it would show up on Messantine, which seems to be very far away.

Zigzagger: There's something nagging me about all the warp gates and such surrounding the ALL. I'd suspect a botched time jump or two happening there.
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