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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Laugh it up.When everyone is going ALL, OLL and BR who'll be laughing then?

In terms of influences on Roberts, I think something that hasn't been mentioned that he would have been exposed to at the end of his teens after first reading Target: 2006 at the start of them is the one big time travel show everyone of that age in the UK would have been seen: The Girl From Tomorrow.

Or more importantly in this case, The Return of the Girl From Tomorrow where the villain tries to use the time travel device to change the past to his benefit, and winds up creating an absolute crapfest of a "Present" (in this case, the year 3000) as a result.

Both series of The Girl From Tomorrow are comfortably the best thing to ever come out of Australia, and I say that comfortably despite not having seen the show in over twenty years.

Also the pat "no other universes" rule is completely blown out of the water by the existence of the Dead Universe, if nothing else.
Ah, but the Dead Universe wasn't a Parallel Universe it was a SHUT THE **** UP AND DON'T ASK THAT SORT OF QUESTION universe.
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