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Rather late to the party, but I loved this issue.

A bit more..."quiet" than usual, and sadly it picks up neither from the end of 33 or 34, but it's satisfactory either way.

I wonder if we'll see the adventures of future minimus or if that was just a taste of the dystopian future and that's all.

Notice that there's no Prime in the dystopian future, so the line probably ended with Sentinel in that universe. Still unsure what Brainstorm is out to do exactly, as it all appears to be a red herring.

Finally some more Rodimus, that has been missing!

I was falsely under the impression that Elegant chaos was going to be a 4 parter, but it appears to be shadowplay-length. And from the looks of it, much more "interactive" than the previous 2 flashback stories.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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