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I'm still rather flabbergasted at the incredible quality of this issue. What makes it even better is the solicit on the back pages for the next issue; featuring Roller slurping a Kremzeek carton. I'm so happy to see the return of this character, as I feel like he could be one of my favourites in MTMTE.

It's probably from so many years of watching cop films where you grow to like both cops but know that one of them is bound to die. Already I feel as if Roller could be as influential a figure to the making of Optimus Prime as Megatron. The other thing is probably 80% of my love for Roller comes from Ratchet's line: "if for no other reason than it was the last time we were all together".

And what an issue the next one will be to round off Christmas 2014. It was around this time a few years ago that Shadowplay held me in the same thrall. Days of Deception feels like Roberts is in total masterclass mode, and I really hope Milne is on board to draw them all!

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