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I would be very happy for Tarn to not in fact be Roller when there’s the possibility he could be a time traveller thanks to Brainstorm’s machinations (that’s a very wild n’ wooly ‘could’ of course).

Also, at what point does MTMTE and RID tie-in with previous IDW comics? Is it indeed all the same universe, in which case something will occur that puts Roller in the little six-wheeled buggy that I think we last saw in Devastation?

But then Roller is one of the three separate physical units of Prime’s psyche. I wonder if this may suggest a Topspin/Twin Twist style branched spark between Prime and Roller?

That would be interesting, because in LSotW Topspin and Twin Twist mentioned that the pain was becoming more frequent. If they had survived Garrus 9, what would have happened to them? Some sort of necessary joining? Did Rack n’ Ruin experience something similar in the IDW-verse? (according to Marvel they were two warriors injured in battle who had to be joined to save their lives, but that doesn’t mean its the same deal with IDW).

Prime/Roller could be our chance to see what happens to branched sparks that have completed the sequence, or rather what it means. That would be ace because we were robbed of the chance in LSotW which was a sub-plot cut off at the hip, as it were.
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