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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
I think that these are the spark compatible bots. Which is weird because certain sub groups are compatible between them [ie cyclonus and tailgate, chromedome and riptide] but not all of them.

Roller is Tarn. Head shape is the same [just imagine a symbol over it], smashes a bot's head the same way he killed ALL Swerve.

Yeah the head shape is near identical. The only difference I can see is that behind the mask tarn has a small circle ornament in the centre of his forehead (could simply be a design choice). But the overall shape is identical, face would work with the face under the tarn mask and the side circle things are a match. Roller, you bastard.

Curious how this will play out. Possible angles to me could be:

1. Megatron returns at some point to the past as well, saves roller or impresses him to the point that this is what makes Tarn such a follower (in the style of Terminator time travel: its already happened and Brainstorm isnt really changing the past, he always went back in time and it created the current timeline regardless)

2. Something happens that changes the course for Roller and he no longer becomes Tarn - leading to the DJD either being defeated without a shot firing or someone even more sadistic in charge of the DJD (Overlord would be funny as a Megatron Patsy in an alternate future)

3. Roller returns to the future with this lost light crew but its the repaired future so future roller is still Tarn and this roller can exsist because of the briefcase effect a-la rewind - which of course leads to a Tarn v Roller show down.

Either way, december promises to be a month full of rol-lol-lol-ering. (sorry, couldn't resist that)
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