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Default More Construct-Bots

So I made these...

which transform into these...

but then this happens

The legs don't even attach. Hungrr's beast heads just rest in Cutthroat and Rippersnapper's torsos. From looking at my Terrorcons, and pics of other combiner-looking Construct-Bots, I figured out three problems. First, they all use partsforming. So far, the only partsforming in mine is weapons, and removing Blot's symbol to attach him.

Second, Hungrr is the smallest of the 5. They're all based on the standard Constructbot skeleton, but Hungrr has the least amount of mass added to that. So, the best I could hope for would be the proportions of Beast Hunters Abominus.

Third, the other combiners have the limb bots in vehicle mode, with the robot back armor folded around to meet the chest armor. This gives the combined mode long limbs instead of blocky chunks. None of my terrorcons can do that. Either they don't have back armor (Cutthroat, Hungrr), the back armor doesn't match the front (Blot), or the back armor isn't mounted to flip around the standard way (Sinnertwin, Rippersnapper).

I don't think I could solve either of these problems without major redesigns, and I don't want to do that because I really like the individual modes, and I am lazy. Instead, I made some bots that look like combiners by making their limbs out of torsos, or just mismatching them.

I made another gunface bot. Maybe Shattered Glass Lockdown would have Impactor's colors? Next to him is an MOC in vehicle mode.

Here's the most and least imposing Megatrons I've made, with the MOC in robot mode.

Making my Terrorcons used up a lot of feet, so I made the pegasuses (pegasi?) with alternate leg designs. The green wheels on the Bee headed one touch the ground, so he does roll around. Sometimes the wheels rub the ones above them, which then roll in the opposite direction.

Finally, here's some little drone things I made out of leftover parts. My favorite is the white bird type one, since it's the only use I've ever found for those weird spoiler pieces. I've only got 17 pieces left (22 if you count wheels and tires as seperate pieces), so I think I'm done for a while.


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