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Just read this. Pretty awesome.

Shame I missed the all-important 'present day' caption on my first read-through, but when I thought something was off and went back a couple of pages, it hit me and the issue just got so much better.

This is great.

Brainstorm just effectively wiped out history and replaced everything on Cybertron with, uh, Brainstorm's Reality or whatever, right? Basically only the dudes abroad the Lost Light are protected by it? What if they never manage to reverse Brainstorm's time-jump? What if the MTMTE universe just effectively broke off from the mainstream IDW universe this way? The Lost Light beat up the DJD, the Council of Twelve and all that, but never find a way back to the original IDW universe, therefore preventing disappointingly horrid crossovers with the RID title? Because I'm down for that.

Love the fact that Chromedome and Rewind aren't just getting back together smoothly.

Trailbreaker is truly dead.

This issue is awesome. Going off to reread it after I read all your comments in this thread.

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