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A guy called Xaaron over at The Allspark had this to say about Brainstorm:

"Did Chromedome and Brainstorm pair-bond back in the days of the New Institute? Did Chromedome's attack of conscience in leaving the Institute also bring him to wipe his relationship with Brainstorm, and the memory of horrible things they did there?

Brainstorm seems to mention some great pain he has learned to live with during that conversation, but it's not clear what".

I'm suddenly intrigued about Brainstorms great pain. And following on from that, it was mentioned in Spotlight: Trailcutter that Chromedome, Brainstorm and Highbrow were collectively known as Headmasters. We've seen almost nothing of Highbrow so far, yet he is a Lost Light crew member, and I'm wondering if he'll feature in the upcoming issues?

EDIT Another one of those things that pops into my head from time to time; in the past Skids had a matrix tattoo on his right cheek (I presume that's what it was). Why has it since gone, and why did Pax say that reminded him of someone? Again, picking up from a comment Jalaguy made at the Allspark; 'when did Skids renounce religion'?

Also, I don't hang out at the Allspark, I just clicked on a link to see what other forums were saying about this particular issue!

EDIT 2 The poster Repugnus made a good point about Brainstorm's true allegiance. When he shot an enraged Magnus with the disaggregator gun, the beam was orange/red, not purple. As a link back to Brainstorm and Nautica's talk about colour coded lasers in the heat of battle back at the beginning of Season 2.

EDIT 3 Is there perhaps a reason why the Functionist council all have similar nondescript, almost Whirl-like faces? Are they a committee of criminals?

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