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Question A few Rung-related thoughts...

Megatron is the only one who remembers Rung, from his one altercation with him over 4 million years ago whilst having a drink with Impactor at Maccadam's. Why is Megatron impervious to Rung's seeming attention deflector?

When Rung gets his head blown up, everyone remembers him. Is this because he's incapacitated i.e. because his powers are offline? Or simply because Mr. Nobody is holed up on a ship with 200 other robots, rather than a planet of millions?

I was wondering if anyone acted noticeably different whilst Rung was headless as a result of not being influenced by him?

Also whether Rung's ability could be considered a different form of Shadowplay, developed in Rung's own style and in a way to largely serve him, rather than screw people's minds over.

Or has Rung been done over by the Council/Senate? In the Role Call pages of the early issues I'm sure his little panel bore the tag line 'Wants to be remembered'. He knows about Shadowplay, yet seemingly no-one ever went after him? Despite serving as a willing signatory to Senator Shockwaves amendment to effectively halt its unfettered use. If you were on the Council or Senate, you'd want to remove Rung sharpish.

Does Megatron remember him because Rung lets him remember? And if so, for what purpose? Is there a unique aspect to Megatron's psyche that Rung's ability cannot overcome?
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