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Talking ... And i'll start with your skinny little friend!

This blew my tiny mind for a bit. Philip Ayres over at Transmasters UK made the following comment about ALL Rewind;

"Having Rewind back opens up an opportunity for further heartbreak at a later stage when OUR Rewind turns out to have survived..."

With everything else going on I'd forgotten about that possibility. Can you imagine what an absolute mind**** that's going to be for Chromedome and ALL Rewind?

Its got to happen, its just too good... because OLL Rewind may know Chromedome's dirtiest secrets thanks to Overlord!

One other thing that I didn’t pay attention to because it was a sick scene (but was raised by the bods at Transmasters and made me think), in Issue 32, page 13, panel 3 we see Ratchet, Drift and Hound all dead in the closet. Hound appears to have both of Drift’s shorter knives embedded in his torso, and has been scalped (not something I noticed happened to any other character, so I’m wondering if there’s any significance to that).

Drift’s long sword has been impaled in his own head and his left arm is placed around Hound, in a mockingly friendly way, with the hand resting on the hilt of the short sword. I guess my point is that they’re all seated in what would otherwise be a relaxed, pally way. So what were the DJD trying to say with this diorama?

I also didn’t notice that drift has two fist imprints on his chest beneath the Aubobot insignia, and Ratchet has his hands out like he’s waiting to receive something.

Will this all be revealed in a really gross playback from ALL Rewind? All three do look like they were positioned specifically.

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