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If the two Rewind's should meet, then the ALL version will have to disappear as the Universe reasserts itself. However, what secrets and stories with he and Chromedome exclusively share by that point? He would lose new super-close Rewind, to be replaced with OLL super-pissed Rewind!

Imagine returning to find your other half had effectively carried on with a clone of yourself!

Edit Just found Warcry's explanation of Rewind & Overlord in the slow cell (taken from the Season 1 roundup thread):

"A lot of people have said that, but they're reading things backwards. Time ran slower inside the cell than outside. If the slow-down was active, it would have seemed like less than a second for Rewind and Overlord between the door closing and them getting blown up.

Otherwise what good would a slow cell be? Your prisoners would escape and kill you before you even realized they were thinking about it".

I need to remember this. There wouldn't have been enough time for Rewind to learn anything, and Overlord would have only had enough time to flatten him in a Pipes-style.

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