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Averaged out as readable harmless fun. The Thundercracker/Buster/Soundwave stuff was fantastic (I can see why people might think the joke with the former might be wearing thin, but as anyone who has ever read any of my posts will realise there's nothing I like more than a joke that starts off funny, gets quite unfunny through repetition before being done so much it goes all the way back round to funny again) and I am enjoying Galvatron a lot. Arcee was good fun this month as well.

However, the human political stuff was uninteresting (gee, I wonder if Blackrock's hubris will wind up seeing his own creations turn on him?) and Spike not only remains an irritating character- unlikeable is fine as unlikeable characters can be interesting but he just annoys- and having him just stop short of doing a power point presentation explaining decade old continuity doesn't help him at all.

Jimmy Pink continues his grand tradition of being completely pointless as well.

Overall though, good stuff counterbalanced the bad quite nicely.
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