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In continuing my Audiobook journey through the Game of Thrones novels, I'm kind of annoyed with A Feast for Crows. The story has introduced a bunch of new, tangential people, and that's fine. It's starting out very slow, and that's fine too since most of them have (and when you've got 20 hours of book, you can afford to be slow).

My biggest beef is that Roy Dotrice, the reader, doesn't seem to be as into it anymore. He has changed the pronunciation of a number of character names (Catelyn Stark was being pronounced Cat like meow, but is now like Kate-lyn, Petyr Baelish was Pit-tar and is now Peter, etc). Maybe that's to fit with the show (I haven't watched it), but it's annoying. He has also changed the voice he uses for some characters to something totally obnoxious and irritating (Arya's storyline was one of my favorites, but he's using such a dumb voice for her that it's almost hard to listen to). And he's been inconsistent in some pronunciations (Brieene alternates mid-paragraph between Bry-een and Brie-anna) and voices (using the wrong character's voice mid-conversation, having someone's accent change within the same chapter, etc.) I understand that with a project this huge, there are going to be changes and errors, but they just seem really, really blatant on this book.

But despite all that (and all the stupid gratuitous raping), I'm still enjoying the series and want to see how it all turns out.
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