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Hehehehehehehehehe. Roberts is so trolling Knightdramon, after all the heavy handed hints this issue I think it's a safe bet that the last person on Cybertron Tarn will turn out to be is Roller.

Other quick thoughts before I head off to work:

Dang, that was good.

Loved the half hearted excuses for the presence of all the characters who were already in the past ("Day release").

At the end the Sparks are sent to the place Hot Rod happens to come from, considering he's likely at least a bit younger than the likes of Pax did he actually just help with his own creation (and thus this is a circular paradox where their actions are already part of the past?).

What is Brainstorm up to jumping about through time? Actually being after Megatron at this point seems unlikely as he could have Got him at his first stop, but them Pax was fairly vulnerable out in the open like that here as well...

Fantastic double bluff on Trailbreaker there.

Boy, everyone was a bit too trusting about that handshake weren't they? In an age where these outlaws are presumably living in fear of brain alteration if they get caught no one notices Prime suddenly acting all odd after touching Chromedome?

[The "Past Prime interacts with future Autobots and then looses his memory of it" idea is reworked, incredibly loosely, from Eugenesis]

Has Windcharger been seen in the present? He's so awesome he might actually be Tarn.
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