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Read it as well--brilliant stuff, but then again, a tad bit overhyped by Roberts himself ---"Best interiors from Alex Milne".

Considering that the last issue was densely packed and into proper sci-fi area, I thought this one would be, visually at least...richer than Pax and company in a desert!

That being said, it was a nice and full issue. I ain't sure why Tailgate is "allowed" back in time when more able bots could go back---everybody on the team serves a purpose except for him.

I feel the trolling as well when it comes to Tarn, but hey, I've been onto his identity for nearly 30 months now, it was about time I get some validation. -If- this is indeed him, then it was drawn out too long to have any real surprise, sadly. Still looking forward to it, as it appears Chromedome's tinkering actually made everybody forget about him when he went missing.

Neat background story with Zeta pulling the strings---he appears to genuinely be a good guy up until after he became a Prime. Perhaps we'll see him at the last part of this time travel?

Brainstorm's been set up for something else---I don't think he's out to kill Pax. Especially in the time periods he ends up at, Pax is already too famous and strong, not to mention surrounded by his own X-Men. It's like going after Whirl when he's in the Wreckers.

Windcharger was seen or mentioned in RID last year, I think...

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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