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Not loving this as much as some of you. Its good... but not really engaging. Quite forget-able to be honest, much as the past bots feel.

Suffers on a few parts (and do bear in mind, I'm not saying this is a terrible issue, I just think it lacks a bit)

1. Roller - cover boy is really a side line player unless this is the actual origin of Tarn. Otherwise its a bit too much of a red-herring. Look at what we get here - Cover star. Addiction. Veeeerrry similar shoulders and head design. Told that the Megatron diarys are super inspiring. Very committed to causes. Gets the left side of his face shot off. Gets forgotten by his own troops, and probably picked up the head messing enemies. If he isn't tarn, then this is a waste. I'm all for sleight of hand but by this point, if Tarn aint roller than we will need a seperate plot to explain why not.

2. Time jumps - on the one hand, I like that Roberts is not spending too much time on the science of this and focusing on the story. But on the other hand, its very flimsy how so many of the LL crew can jump back - some of whom really dont have any need to.

3. The phone conversation - cute but not as cute as it wants to be. It felt unbelievable to be honest that Pax would converse with Megs so easily, even given that at this point they arent mortal enemies. He is still a law man and megs is still a dissident.

4. Speaking of Pax, He thrusts the story about the LL crew being linked to Sentinal far too easy - given that he only knows Whirl as a criminal and Thumbler / domey as possibly a member of the institute and recognises the autobot symbol as a sign of oppression.

Look, its not a bad issue and there are some really nice ideas going on here - Rodimus saving himself (once I read Nyon, that was an instant link), the reason prowl and domey break up, rewind knowing the alternate history and the trailcutter non-save were all cool. And while I'm not sure what interiors Roberts was raving about, I did love Milners Orion Pax art. But I think the issue itself is quite throw away and is only got some value if Tarn IS roller.

On that point, I was thinking that maybe at this point Roberts is happy that everyone knows who is behind the mask and is simply building up his main villain so that when we do get the big showdown with the actual lost light, it has some relevance. In that case, origins:tarn fits the bill nicely. Otherwise this issue just about fills the gap until the next.
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