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Some quick thoughts:

"Fun" just about describes my feelings for this issue. Not as thought-provoking (or shocking) as the previous chapter, just fun.

Not much in the way of explaining how all this time jumping/tracking business works; we just cut right to the chase. See, it was "magic" after all. I have to be right once in a while, you know

I thought it funny that, in typical Team Rodimus fashion, right after establishing "the golden rules" and making the time jump, they break said rules in short order. Still, made for some pretty amusing (i.e. clumsy) backpedaling moments.

Convenient, that mind-wiping handshake of Chromedome's...

Speaking of which; probably thinking too much on it, but Chromedome shook Glitch's hand. Wonder if that'll cause issues later on.

Aside from how adorable their casual chat on the phone was, Megatron does pose an interesting question to an uninformed Orion Pax; how better off would Cybertronian society actually be if it were Optimus Prime and the Autobots that had challenged the Senate and the Functionalists. It is a tempting thought, isn't it?

Oh, "season 2".... even when it's not all about Megatron, it's, well, still somehow all about Megatron

That's not a complaint, really it isn't... just an observation, s'all.

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Fantastic double bluff on Trailbreaker there.
Guess Roberts wants to emphasize to everyone that there is no hope. I appreciated it myself.

Had no idea Rodimus was so torn up over Trailbreaker's death. Willing to muck up time and everything for him. Awfully sweet him.
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