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4. Speaking of Pax, He thrusts the story about the LL crew being linked to Sentinal far too easy - given that he only knows Whirl as a criminal and Thumbler / domey as possibly a member of the institute and recognises the autobot symbol as a sign of oppression.
Minor correction here----at this point, Pax and his crew have left and are outlaws operating under Zeta against Sentinel.

Given how Whirl told Pax he wants to see the Senate come crumbling down in Shadowplay, and Chromedome only started working at the institute when Zeta took over and "humanized" it [issue 14], those two are just fine. Whirl's "day out" was a tad flimsy though.

On Megatron's front, he hadn't gone all bad yet. This is pre-Megatron Origin [if only just], so at best he's just stopped distributing his manifesto [see issue 34] and is just a disgruntled worker. Pax is essentially an outlaw at this point until Zeta takes over.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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