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Thinking about this all day long. Two things spring to mind.

Re--Roller is Tarn. There's some clever foreshadowing on his abilities here, if this is true.

Roller drinks that spiked C32 stuff...and Rung says it can cause your spark to explode. Tarn's "modulate the timbre of your voice" ability has only happened once, on screen, causing Black Shadow to explode, and he was touching his face. Tarn was playing music at the time and saying how "they say you can use your voice to.." "they say..."

Considering Roller's unease at not having any powers, what if Tarn puts on a show with the music and stuff but what he's actually doing is directly injecting the victim with C32, causing their spark to explode?

Yes, I'm a genius.

Secondly, Perceptor said that Brainstorm used his spark as a means of travelling back, "locking" the machine to his type. But we have at least 3 spark types [Chromedone, Rewind and Whirl share one, Cyclonus and Tailgate another, Rodimus and Rung are unknown]. What if this compatibility stems from the fact that its 2 sparktypes within Brainstorm? His own, and the green spark he harvested. Or, go wild, for 3...he's a headmaster. And his evil head is the 3rd sparktype.

Do remember that he was saying he was forged back in Remain in Light, yet suffered the effects of the killswitch. What if he was actually forged, but his headmaster was not, hence suffering from that? Or vice versa?

I'm a genius yet again.

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