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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post

Two minutes later: "Blow up that orbital platform!"
Yeah, and they do that based on speculation.

Other thoughts:

You know, at this stage in the story, its difficult to gauge exactly what Rodimus and co. accomplished during their first time jump. For now it doesn't seem like much since they completely missed Brainstorm.

One "critique" I suppoooose I could make (and honestly it's something I wasn't too bothered by), is that this jaunt to the past didn't advance the story much. Felt more like an excuse to see what Pax and the Outliers were up to after Shadowplay... which, uhh, I really can't call that a complaint. I enjoyed the ride.

I figure either -- through their interference -- history was always meant to play out this way, or that their visit may have made things worse. They weren't exactly being careful, so what I'm hoping is that Rodimus and company's actions during the first time jump have repercussions, that there was a reason for the story to take us to this point in Cybertronian history.

But again, not a huge complaint. I love these "historic" tales.

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