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Hey! I am back from the desert. There are no comics in the desert. Actually no, there was a Calvin & Hobbes book. It was, of course, excellent.

MTMTE 36: Still great. I'm sold on the predestination theory surrounding Nyon and Tarn and whatnot. I agree with all the praise of the phone call, I thought it was handled wonderfully and goes well with the old saw of any compelling story - all the conflict could have been avoided if everyone involved had sat down for a nice chat. Seeing Megatron laugh is a first too, I believe.

I really dig Roberts' Orion Pax - this utterly unflappable superhero cop who latches onto these shady mentors and doesn't quite seem to grasp the scale of the problem before him. You can see why people are so loyal to him, even now when he's a shell of his former self. There's the interesting implication that the Matrix was a real wrong step in his personal development.

Speaking of which, there's a lot we still don't know about Skids and his whole deal.

Though now I think of it, where's Ravage? I thought he'd agreed to stay on the ship, but I can't see him wandering too far off from the one person aboard who wouldn't want to kill him.
Of all the people who I want to get focus who aren't, I can forgive Ravage for not being centre stage, or visible at all, because hiding is what he's good at.

What will become of Rewind keeping the alternate timeline to himself?

And here's something - we've got a good body of evidence that Trailbreaker's hands are a big part of his forcefield ability. We've also got reason to believe that nobody else can do the forcefield thing. Megatron was looking very meaningfully at Trailbreaker's hands when Rodimus found him in the morgue. I thought he was mourning but maybe he's hatching a plan?

If Megatron was secretly evil though, I do think he would do everything in his power to seize upon this time travel opportunity. That's not the sort of thing that supervillians pass on.

One "critique" I suppoooose I could make (and honestly it's something I wasn't too bothered by), is that this jaunt to the past didn't advance the story much. Felt more like an excuse to see what Pax and the Outliers were up to after Shadowplay... which, uhh, I really can't call that a complaint. I enjoyed the ride.
Agreed on both points! I'm not so keen on plot as a rule but this one felt very luxurious in letting the characters talk to each other. I'm also getting an inkling now of what that pre-season teaser campaign that put Trailbreaker as 'The Catalyst' was getting at...
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