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Default Server move

Hey guys,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thanks to all of you continuing to support this site with content, all the users and I appreciate everything you do.

As a tradition every 2 years or so, it is time to migrate to a new server. I have obtained a server from the same provider with similar specs for almost half the price so it is worth the effort to migrate.

I hope to have a working test copy of the site up and running in a couple days. If all goes well I will migrate at some point between Thursday and Sunday. As with past migrations there should be very little downtime to the forum as it it will be a DNS redirect on the old server to the new until the domain dns updates.

I will keep you guys updated with a timeline.

Denyer, the new server is using the same mysql and php versions with only minor updates so I don't think it will cause any major issues with the forum.


Brendan Reilly
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