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Rodimus' slapstick banter with Megatron was nicely dampened by his concern for Trailbreaker/Cutter. Now I'm interested in why Rodimus should be so concerned! Trailbreaker was the one character who didn't initially earn a Rodimus star, and he'd never shown any particular favouritism or familiarity toward him previously.

The patterns of damage to Roller's face nicely match up with Tarn's buggered left-eye, though it could still be a red herring. I really liked a comment on Transfans about how much Roller's head shape resembles the Autobot insignia (and what that means for a guy who has potentially turned from face to heel).

Since readers speculation over whether Roller is Tarn (and this has been going on since Shadowplay two years ago), it'd be really cool if all the characters in the book are perfectly aware of who Tarn is, from Rodimus to Cosmos to Prowl; they all know who Tarn is and that doesn't make any difference, but its one in the eye for Pax ever since he had to take on the mantle of Prime. Its only the readers who question it.

Either that or... Chromedome has always known! Chromedome is such a little tinker, I can't help thinking he's almost singlehandedly responsible for all the troubles that have befallen the Lost Light crew.

And the Pax/Megatron phone call across time was phenomenal!

[Edit] Just going back to something from a few issues ago where Megatron and co. found Rewind hiding in Magnus' body cavity; no-one gets away from the DJD. Rewind says he ran away, but I find it very hard to believe this little guy could escape from hardened killers. Tarn must've allowed it.

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