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You’re right, it wouldn’t make much sense to repeat things. Perhaps the most meaningful thing is if it makes an impact to the other characters. If Tarn were Roller, it would only have a psychological gut punch to Pax or Ratchet, and the latter is off with Drift in his short story. Maybe if Chromedome is involved in Tarn’s origins, or he and Brainstorm (and possibly Highbrow, I’m always waiting for Highbrow to have more of a part in the story, probably because of his starring role in the UK ‘Worlds Apart’ story from the UK Marvel G1 comics).
I'm sure it would make a pretty good impact on the 'away team', learning they're (at least partly) responsible for the creation of a very twisted and fanatical murderer.

On another note, Whirl was carrying around a very interesting gun from Brainstorms stash!
Can I just note how deeply stupid it is for Whirl, or anyone, to have brought some of Brainstorm's weaponry back in time with them? I mean, if you were responsible for creating some... unusual and powerful weaponry and you were plotting a betrayal, one would expect you'd have some manner of countermeasures. An off switch, some kind of shielding from their effect, what have you. Hell, booby trap them so they incapacitate the user if they attempt to shoot Brainy.

I feel like I'm starting to lose a lot of the plot points and clues from previous issues. The things that many people are remembering are starting to get all jumbled for me, and this probably manifests in making pointless comments like wondering why Highbrow isn't around more. This issue they reveal that Glitch's real name is Damus, I don't know if there's any relevance for that yet, and then Rung is part of the away team, but I don't know if his spark type was ever mentioned?
I think Highbrow is a good one to wonder about. Pretty sure he's on the bridge a lot, and he was referenced as being at the New Institute with Chromedome and Brainstorm, and there's the whole Malware Brigade thing. I'm hoping he gets a little more spotlight soon because of that.

Glitch's name being Damus has no meaning yet, and it may never. I'm thinking the name reveal was just so fans don't wildly speculate he's someone known to us. That or so we know who it is if the away team runs into him further in the past.
Rung, we don't know anything about his spark type, beyond him being a probable point-one-percenter. But it has to be noted that the people who can make the time jump are those with a compatible type, not the same. Could also be that Rung is the only one who can activate the case and the others are his passengers. Odds are it'll be cleared up later.
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