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One particularly brilliant thing was Whirl calling Rodimus 'Rodders'. Ever since Transformers began I've wondered why they don't shorten long characters names, only Prime ever got such familiarity.

There was one panel in G2 where Grimlock wore a bandana and had 'Big Grim' painted on his shoulder, and maybe somebody once referred to Shockwave as 'Shockers', but that's about it.

Now we have Nut Job, Meggy, Megs, Pax, Domey and so on. 'Rodders' was pure icing on the cake, and so perfectly timed in this, effectively the Christmas issue.

Here in the UK we have a famous and repeated-to-death sitcom called 'Only Fools & Horses' (dragged out at this time of year especially). One of its main characters is also nicknamed 'Rodders'. It was great that Whirl was the one to say it, for someone with no face he has the best expressions, movements and quips. Clinking his claws together with glee, saying "Lets be ambiguous about this", was just cracking!

The only thing missing was him wearing a Santa hat. If only we'd have had a single page panel of him outside of the story itself, at the back with Santa hat and Shoomer in claw.

I do still wonder if Cyclonus is going to follow through and murder him. I know they came to a truce during Remain in Light, and that Cyclonus is honourable, but Whirl does love rubbing people up the wrong way. If he is destined to die, I hope its in such a tragic and sad, possibly heroic way. Saving a muppet like Swerve, perhaps... but I know that's just too sentimental for something like MTMTE. Maybe they'll jump to a point in time where he is forced to let Killmaster live, and face him later on, rather than creeping up on KM asleep in bed (which again, was a priceless bit of Whirliness)!

[Edit] A thought brought about by a thread on Estriol (spark type) over at Transfans made me wonder about the possibility of Whirl being a femmebot. We've only ever seen him post Empurata, as far as we're aware there's never been any gender theme on Cybertron apart from Spotlight: Arcee where Jhiaxus messed with Arcee's CNA. But Whirl has a somewhat cloudy backstory, most interesting of which was that he was strong enough to reject his function and strike out as a watchmaker, which must have totally flipped out the Functionists. Not that I have anywhere to go with that at the moment, but that must be a transformation of monumental proportions for the planet, and Whirl did it. Also, his avatar is the eyepatch girl with twin AK-47's which may suggest something (or may not).

In that one panel where he's telling his watchmaker backstory to bring Rung out of his unconscious state, we see a silhouette of Whirl against smoking ruins caused by The Heavies, and there is a smiling robot featured. Its never been explained who that smiling robot was, I didn't think it was Whirl at the time, more a Senate member who wanted his business put down. Still, we were not allowed to see Whirl's face at that time.

Ah, but this may be pointless if Whirls spark type was clarified a few issues ago. Oh well. I got carried away by the symmetry of his "Let's be ambiguous about this" comment!

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