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One quick question, Brainstorm's voyager toy has (as far as I'm aware) only recently become available to buy, yet he looks exactly like Brainstorm's design in MTMTE's early issues onwards, meaning that Milne & Roche saw these designs a couple of years before they became available as a toy for the public.

And this is true of other characters, like Swerve, Trailcutter, Skids & Tailgate. The only exception is Whirl, who is so far distanced from his recently released toy that it makes no sense. Is he the only character not designed with any toy basis?

MTMTE Whirl would look unbelievably awesome as a toy. He may look out of place compared to the others, but so did his Dvorak original.

I also still reckon Skids, Magnus, Tarn and Spinister are linked to the Institute. And re-reading back through the Scavengers story (still such a fantastic set of issues), reinforces that runs away from the DJD. So if Chromedome is intrinsically dodgy, then ALL Rewind certainly is too.
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