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Toys based on comic designs is pretty darn impressive. When I bought LSotW a few years ago, in the back was Roche's design for Springer, and you could see how he'd made sure his design worked in both robot and vehicle modes. This is the kind of thing you never saw with a Jeff Anderson made-up-character, who invariably looked like a generic, blocky cartoon Ironhide knockoff.

Yet Roche and Milne, by such standards go to extraordinary lengths. I love that, but surely there's more than a hint of a suggestion somewhere that a suit informed them their designs just may see toy form?

Skids for example, looked a work of (complicated) art in his first appearance on MTMTE, when Chromedome removes the claw and all his weaponry comes out on display (only for Skids to punch the Legislator to death!). Amazingly they managed to recreate him pretty accurately as a toy... the only slightly weird thing being in the Annual where the artist drew his vehichle mode more G1 style than the sleeker sports car-ish thing he now... sports.

So, Artist AND Industrial designer is what I'm getting at. There's a hell of a job!
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