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I was in a shop today and saw an old comic with Death's Head II on the cover fighting a bloke called Liger. I can't remember the title of the comic, other than it started with a 'W'. Something like Wasters or Wilders... something with two syllables. Anyone know the one I mean? Is it rare and worth millions?

Sorry to hear about the Slough of despond Dalek. If its anything like the Guildford of innapropriateness or the West Suffolk of broken Commodore Amiga's I totally relate (but lame gag aside, glad you're still able to argue the finer points of femmebot-ness with the Warcry's of the world).

For my money Xaaron was a terrible culprit in the Anderson canon of identikit boy band robots; A small, gold Megatron-a-like, identifiable from a distance by his weird mouth. Actually I'm being nasty, Xaaron and Impactor did have some thought put into them, especially Impactor with his cool Centurion helmet head, that wicket shoulder cannon (I love shoulder cannons, love 'em), and the whole purple and yellow schtick. And he's back in the next issue! Hope Guzzle's still with him.

And you know Springer's got to come back soon. Almost four years he's been out of commission, that's as long as Sunstreaker in the original comics! If anyone's going to want to kick Overlords behind around the shop it's Springer!

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