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Fully deserved. I blame the Christmas gin...

For my money Xaaron was a terrible culprit in the Anderson canon of identikit boy band robots; A small, gold Megatron-a-like, identifiable from a distance by his weird mouth. Actually I'm being nasty, Xaaron and Impactor did have some thought put into them, especially Impactor with his cool Centurion helmet head, that wicket shoulder cannon (I love shoulder cannons, love 'em), and the whole purple and yellow schtick. And he's back in the next issue! Hope Guzzle's still with him.
As greater fans than me have pointed out in the past, the great thing about Impactor is he has a diaclone-esque design, right down to the replaceable hand and spare cannon that he carries about, rather threateningly.

I'd love for a third party to do retro diaclone-styled Impactor. Maybe those guys who did Glacial Lord will hear my plea?

As for Xaaron, is he an Anderson design? The wiki states his debut as being in the annual strip "And There Shall Come a Leader" which makes him John Stokes' work (and that story's art borrows heavily from US#1, perhaps explaining why Xaaron is just a gold Megatron with toaster-teeth.) and the dates seem to peg the annual as being published first.

On current form, I am quite prepared to be wrong again.

They've just released a gold Masterpiece Megatron, haven't they? It'd be an expensive kitbash, but fun...

Back on the topic of gender in Transformers, I still like the idea of gender roles being something they assimilate from alien life-forms, along with alternate modes, language and other forms of culture. The Transformers as a kind of cultural vampire species - landing on planets and absorbing everything about them, not just their technology. For the goodies it's a way of forging alliances and understanding cultures; for the baddies a way of 'knowing your enemy'. They don't just transform their bodies - they transform their very minds (something Inflatable Dalek alluded to in his earlier post about the movie TFs).

Hope you're feeling better, by the way mate.

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