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OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Slag got burnt back! For a tie, whichever one of you first posts the name of the artist who likely designed Macabre gets to officially be the best one out of the two of you.

Thanks for the kind words peeps, it's just sometimes my single life really hits me in the back of the head. You wouldn't think a man who can look at a picture of Arcee and go "That's sexist" would have trouble finding a relationship, but women don't respond as if I'm a totally right on feminist, they act as if I'm stating the stupidly obvious. And then ask how I got under their bed. What a world.

I do have some more thoughts on why it's more important to cultivate new fans over us old ****ers, but I may save that for the State of the Union 2014 thread I will (hopefully) be starting tomorrow.
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