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MTMTE: I believe the year started with Dark Cybertron and ended with 36, so all in all good stuff. The book [from S2 onwards] mainly suffered from the fact that the stories are meant to be read in one sitting [especially the 3 parter] as reading them on release, one at a time, really took away from the whole thing. Megatron's trial was a joke [the end result] but it got Megatron on the lost light. It does look very promising though, and still remains my favourite series.

RID: After DC, RID suffers because for some reason they have to mop up the Earth storylines. I do not like Galvatron at all, as he appears far too dumb and "primitive barbarian" like for his own good. I've also grown a bit tired of the whole "Decepticons are our friends yay" thing, and can't help but feel that all issues thus far have just been serving as a prelude for the next crossover. I vastly enjoyed the Nova Prime issue as it gives some insight on the past and how this line of Primes came to be. Not a great fan of "is Prowl a villain? or not?" situations nor like, half of the cliffhangers appear to be something abrupt, evil, or out of character for him only to go back to normal on the first page of the next issue. Looks promising though.

Windblade mini: Ugh. I honestly can't see how people like this. The art, while new for transformers, is nothing f*cking special in the grand scheme of comic books, the writing is atrocious, the plot laughable, the fact that it's main gimmicky draw was "hey female transformer written by female and drawn by female yay girl power" sickens me, the end resolution was basically ---SPOLERS--- Chromia killing people and never going unpunished, even joking about it later on, Rattrap going into a weird torturing scene with Windblade.

And this sh!t gets another mini that will probably be extended to a full comic. WTF IDW?

Transformers VS GI JOE Only got the free comic book day issue, and didn't even finish it. I applaud it for trying something different, visually, but it's not for me.

Primacy: The culmination of a series that started out okay and got worse with every single installment. As with Monstrosity, there are some good scenes but the entire thing is so mediocre and G1-Cartoon like it brings down RID and MTMTE. Thank heavens this didn't go over the Simanzi massacre as it was originally rumoured. I feel bad because Livio's art is wasted on this writing. Seriously, the writers are just another gimmick like Windblade on this one.

Drift: Empire of Stone: Absolutely nothing groundbreaking. The only good thing going for it is the fact that you try to frame it, time-wise, to MTMTE as Ratchet is in it. Overstretched, overhyped, promises too much...but at least it's not Windblade.

Regeneration One: I actually liked this one. There are definite flaws-the fact that Furman writes it basically means that he will spend issues drawing out a massive battle towards the very end of the series, where the bad guy will die unceremoniously in 2 panels, then the real threat will materialize but will have to be dealt with in ONE issue. You had 20+ issues Furman, any pacing flaws are just unacceptable. Despite that, it was good fun -overall-, and Guido's art was great. Wildman is just too bored to draw anymore.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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