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Good, thoughtful post Dalek. Knightdramon, your point-by-point list is a very useful recap. I'd completely forgotten about Regeneration One as a concept, which is about all I really have to say about it. Looking back, I feel that if they'd just released the Senior covers as the entire product then we'd have loved it.

RID is still a bit awkward. I think you're spot on, Dalek, when you say that the reshuffle suits the tone much better than the setting of the last season - dumb stuff like the Prowlestator and silly stuff like Thundercracker's TV addiction are right at home on IDW's Earth.

I dug the Windblade mini. Didn't see a problem with Chromia going unpunished. And sure, Sarah Stone isn't Fiona Staples but then, who is? IDW are pretty good at trying promising artists with an interesting angle to them.

It's no secret that GI Joe VS The Transformers is the highlight of the year for me. Brilliant as MTMTE is, this is the book that hits me between the eyes. I'm very pleased at how broad the appeal seems to be beyond the fandom and how well it is doing in terms of sales and criticism.

On that note, MTMTE seems to be getting all sorts of nods and making many best-of lists this year, but mainly for concepts from the last season. I'm really impressed with how the Megatron arc was pulled off - I honestly thought that Megatron was better off screen than on but he's really been good value. I also appreciate how characters like Nautica and Riptide are eroding that emphasis on toys that will always be there. I am also Riptide's only living fan, I feel. I do agree that the necessary work on Megatron has distorted the focus very noticeably, and it's refreshing that we end the year with an arc that has the 'old cast' firmly in the spotlight.

With all this attention though, Roberts is bound to get poached by Image or Boom! any minute now isn't he? I wouldn't be surprised if IDW were paying him peanuts and the idea of taking his very dedicated fanbase and Milne with him to a creator-owned series must be an opportunity he's semi-prepared for. Has anyone been following Nick Roche's Monster Motors? I know nothing, which is a failing.

I've avoided Primacy and it sounds like I was right to do so. I've heard some mild praise for the Drift mini and might get round to it. I do suspect that McCarthy's perceived flaws are more to do with how he's been managed than his writing itself.

The new fan / old fan thing is something I think about a lot too. It's heartening to hear of people picking up MTMTE or GI Joe VS Transformers or Angry Birds who will get a taste without being bogged down by any sort of opinion of Jimmy Pink or what Furman would have done with Expansion. I guess that RID is targeting the 'old fan' demographic, what there is left of it. Likewise for Primacy and such, though I feel that they would be far more comfortable being set staunchly in whatever version of the Sunbow universe they would like rather than awkwardly dancing with the proper stuff Roberts is doing. Hasbro's previous reluctance to expand into alternate universes seems to have evaporated, doesn't it?

Have we talked about how there are no movie comics? That's for the best from my perspective - nobody could really make that universe work beyond its primary medium and it pulled good creators away from better stories - but I wonder how willingly Hasbro were with it and such. I can imagine a line of movie comics appearing in ten years or so, when no further movies are being made, that could have great potential. However, RID has borne the brunt of that strange 'make everything similar to each other' idea from Hasbro that they were talking about a while back and become a de facto movie comic with Optimus fighting Galvatron on Earth.

Do we think the new Robots In Disguise show will get a comic? IDW were very tentative on their Prime offerings. The show looks like fun and not too heavy on the story arcs and mythology and there's probably a comic in there. Odds are that it will remain unexploited, like Rescue Heroes. Boom! Studios would know what to do with them.
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