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With all this attention though, Roberts is bound to get poached by Image or Boom! any minute now isn't he? I wouldn't be surprised if IDW were paying him peanuts and the idea of taking his very dedicated fanbase and Milne with him to a creator-owned series must be an opportunity he's semi-prepared for. Has anyone been following Nick Roche's Monster Motors? I know nothing, which is a failing.
Fun enough concept, but it's very light fare and the first one's mostly setup.

Has Roberts demonstrated an interest in comics writing outside of TFs? Very hazy recollection of interviews in which I think was stated he was a freelance writer before TFs (non-fiction) and I think has been involved in law enforcement or private security.

I've just been reading MTMTE, although picked up Windblade (read better collected) and the first trade of Joes/TF is on order. Hoping for less tosh like Dark Cybertron in future.
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