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Windblade: Harmless, really. Story wise, however, nothing especially groundbreaking. A bit gimmicky too, but Windblade the character is likeable and goes someway to amending the blight that is Spotlight Arcee.

Dark Cybertron: IDW put their main TF titles on hold for six months for the Dead Universe.


I repeat; IDW put their main TF titles on hold for SIX MONTHS for the Dead Universe.

Fuck off, Dark Cybertron. Fuck off.

XRID: Not following too closely.


MTMTE: While it was one of the series' more "weaker" moments, I still... liked the trial storyline in spite of my own reservations and, well, the implausibility of it all. Annnnnd I also agree it dragged on too long, reading much better as a whole.

Convincing us that Megatron is somehow redeemable was always going to be a tough sell, if not nigh-impossible -- not at all helped that about, what, a year before (?) Barber had unleashed that Prowlestator bullshit upon the world -- but I felt Roberts did a respectable job, regardless of editorial mandate and what have you. It's helped by some pretty memorable moments. Starscream's speech, Optimus's rather shocking behavior throughout the whole thing, Rodimus's "moral dilemma", and yes, that single panel of Prime's figure moving away from a weeping Megatron, come to mind. All stuff I really dug.

That 10-million year-old legal loophole, though? And the "total visibility theory" thing? Didn't dig that so much. They're both really hard things to overlook that not only hurt the overall story, but also took me out of the moment.

Overall; it may have been implausible, but hey, at least it was well written

While MTMTE "season 2" (hey, I'll stop using quotations when it stops feeling awkward to break a comic series into seasons) didn't quite have the strongest start -- a fine start, but not great -- issue #31 and onward have showcased this series' strengths. Newcomers, like Nightbeat and Nautica, are wonderful additions to the cast, there's a lot more of the universe-building we all love and the exploration concepts that I never expected to see in any Transformer fiction, and of course Megatron, who has seen some amazing growth in just under a year.

Issues #31-34 -- which for all intents and purposes I'm simply calling "Slaughterhouse"-- is a strong contender, coming short only to the likes of Shadowplay and Delphi, as a one of my personal favorite MTMTE stories. While Slaughterhouse continues the "season 2" trend of skewing focus towards Megatron, it's a bloody fantastic horror-mystery and classic sci-fi with great characterizations all around, and some pretty memorable moments too. Let me count the ways: quantum duplication, the disappearances, Ravage and Megatron's heart-to-heart, pretty much all of Nightbeat and Nautica's scenes, Alt. Rewind and Chromedome's "reunion", the fucking DJD being portrayed as an actual threat, Megatron's time on Messatine, all discussion involving morality and the like, Trailbreaker's sudden death (and Roberts sticking to his guns).....

Definitely a highlight for 2014's reads, that one.

Meanwhile, Elegant Chaos kicked off with a bang too, continuing another theme of the season: duplicate realities. With two issues left in EC, I'm feeling pretty optimistic for what 2015 has to offer.

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