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Did anyone like Dark Cybertron without reservation? I get the sense that even the creative teams feel like it was at least a little bit of a misfire. I wonder how sales did and what benefit IDW got out of the toy pack-ins beyond scoring good graces with Hasbro. I do think that in the long term, the comic pack-ins will intrigue a lot of young fans.
I get the feeling that I'm one of the few people that actually liked it, but it too suffered from what I earlier called "Furmanistic writing".

As in, we get many issues building up to something, then we get more issues building up to something, then we get 1-2 issues of an all out big epic fight...only to see after it that it was not the main event at all, rather, the main event is something that will have to be dealt with in a tiiiiny moment comparatively.

I found the writing and super powers of the ores something that they pulled out of their a$$ at the last possible moment just to have something vaguely infinity gauntlet like. Furthermore, to this day, having read it 5-6 times, I still do not care nor pay any attention to what the damn ores did and their combinations that caused this.

Unlike most others though, I do not mind the Dead Universe at all [the idea of certain A-listers being undead, and a big, chosen, fascist Prime being the leader of the undead? Rock on!], and this gave us a time loophole that basically made it and unmade it forever.

It also provided a nice catch up with the cast from both series, and in hindsight, provided some very unfortunate events that went by completely unnoticed---Bumblebee's final days were a recollection of how much he sucked, how his people were kicked out of their city, and in the end, his only hope and ally to the end was Megatron. Optimus and Rodimus never came in contact with Bumblebee since The Death of Optimus Prime and MTMTE 1.

Of course this also brings some other unfortunate events---such as the fact that Megatron wanted to kill all Autobots AGAIN and went on slaughtering them like...1 day ago, and within the span of a few hours since he was active again, decided he wants to be an Autobot.


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