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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
He has working tank treads, so there's that.
That's news to me. Still, I don't think that's quite enough to draw my interest. Probably need to wait for some in-hand or at least non-stock pictures (something like in a display case at a con).

Since it hasn't been brought up in the thread yet, there were recent-ish reports of some other things for the Combiner Wars line:
Leader-class Ultra Magnus (listing spotted in some store's computer system)
Various Protectobots (also seen in a store's computer system)
Titan-class Devastator (I think this was just 'rumor' from someone who's given good info the past. Supposed to be something like a giftset of 6 Constructicons, basically being the Metroplex for this year: big ass item for the line.)
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