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Dark Cybertron, I thought, was a bit of a mess. It wasn't as much of a mess as DC or Marvel's massive crossovers, but there was simply too much going on for the series to make a lick of sense. The mix of writers and artists didn't help either, and the end result wound up having a very uneven tone. From one page to the next it felt like you were reading an entirely different book. In spite of reading both the comic itself and the Wiki summaries, I can't honestly say I have more than a vague idea what actually happened.

I'd already forgotten that ReGeneration One had actually happened. I'll probably have forgotten again by the time I submit this post.

I enjoyed Windblade a fair bit more than I'd expected. The marketing made it sound like GIRL POWER guest staring the Transformers, so I was expecting dreck that made no sense in the context of the universe. The end result was a lot better, completely subverting my expectations by being an entertaining little yarn in which the protagonist's gender was completely and utterly irrelevant. Windblade herself is one of the most likeable and sympathetic characters in the IDWverse (props to the creative team for ignoring the toy's "badass samurai with a sword" shtick and making her an inexperienced civilian) and that makes me willing to overlook some of the weak spots in the plot and the frankly awful art.

MTMTE took a while to get going after the nonsensical addition of Megatron to the cast, since Roberts spent a lot of time futilely trying to convince us that the idea could ever be anything but absurd. But once that stopped and he went back to telling good stories with the characters that he had at his disposal, the series took a quick turn for the better. I think the fact that dalek and I can spend so much time arguing over things is a sign of just how good the book can be. I mean, when was the last time any Transformers fiction inspired that much debate here?

I agree with those who've said that Roberts will probably move on to bigger and better things in the years to come. But he's also a fan of the franchise, and when the time comes for him to leave I'd like to think he'd feel obliged to give his story a worthy ending.

I don't think I've even glanced at an issue of any of the other series aside from the preview pages, which have done a good job of reminding me why I decided not to follow them to start with.

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[As there was some discussion over exactly what James may and may not have meant in the MTMTE 36 thread, a LINK to a longer clarification from the man himself. Annoyingly he seems to agree with Warcry about gender being an issue of self identity rather than biology for the female Transformers.]

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That's why I'm much keener on the newer fans being cultivated. From the demographics of AA attendees to the reactions on places like Twitter and (as the kids call it) Tumblr suggest there really is a different demographic out there reading the books. And if the series are going to play to anyone, it should be them. Because fandoms don't thrive on stagnation, they thrive on new people coming in, loving what works and ripping down what doesn't which has just been left to rot slowly by the old farts because they've always been used to it.
Honestly, I think trying to appeal to new fans is just as shortsighted as trying to appeal to old fans. When you write good stories, the fans take care of themselves. MTMTE appeals to newbies and crusty old-timers in equal measure, but mostly it just appeals to people who enjoy good sci-fi.
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