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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
If the comics are being used to promote these toys, and Megatron is getting not one but two big expensive toys in the line (albeit reworkings of the same mould), at least one of them will be in MTMTE. Best case scenario is he just starts looking like one of them (and after Armada Starscream it might not be the obvious one), alongside the Protectobots being both prominent and in their new toy forms as well, without any mention of combination.
They don't necessarily have to work in the Combiner Wars McGuffin for the Protectobots to happen. Scientists, engineers, and medics on the ship, Megatron and his experience with combiners (was after them for a long time, even had a body intended to be part of Devastator at one point, so it stands to reason he has a fair bit of knowledge on the subject), nothing says Defensor can't be a development independent from the CW goings-on.

I could see Defensor being developed, and Megatron upgraded into one of the new toy bodies, in preparation for the inevitable DJD confrontation. Maybe more likely for a second run in, after a first one that goes poorly for the Lost Light.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Yeah, the Protectobots can be reworked just from what's been shown so far: Streetwise as one of the Stunticon cars with a lightbar, First Aid from Off Road, and Blades from the helicopter Aerialbot. They could even cheat and have Groove be a car too and reuse another Stunticon. That'd really just leave Hotspot, who could be another version of the Prime / Motormaster mold.

As far as Devastator goes, could be neat. From what I understand, Titan class is more about price point than height, so I'd expect a Devastator to be shorter and much heavier than Metroplex.
As I recall, the Protectobot listings included several of the normal names, plus a new one: Rook. I forget if that was in place of or in addition to the normal 5.

And yeah, that's pretty much the standard thinking for how the Protectobot toys will go: bunch of remolds from the first two waves, possibly with a new mold or two mixed in. Though I'm still expecting Hotspot to share a base mold with Onslaught. Switch the head and swap the ladder for an artillery piece and you're pretty much there. Seems like a better option that Prime/Motormaster mold v3.
Could probably get First Aid and Swindle out of one, if they switch Swindle to a more APC-like alt mode instead of a jeep.

That's pretty much what I meant about Devastator. Not necessarily the size of Metroplex, but filling his role as big ticket item for the line this year. I recall people theorizing that a set of 6 Voyagers (or around that size) would fit the likely price point. The only question is do we get an optional Prowl-head to use with it...
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