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Monster Motors is great fun, a very good comic for kids as well, which is nice.

In the script he was selling for Chaos Theory Roberts actually refers to himself as an ex-policeman at one point (IIRC saying he never used guns but his fellow officers who did had advice on how to hold them that Orion should follow. Of course, the only time police in the Channel Islands need to use a gun is when a tourist makes a Bergerac joke).

Of course, as much as people talk about the likes of Rung or Skids being his favourite/avatar character, giving Optimus Prime his old job is all sorts of suggestive.

I think he'll get grabbed up by someone else at some point (though based on how dense his scripts are, I suspect novels are where his heart would truly lie over scripting), but if he were to go off and do a bit of [insert other comic here] whilst still doing MTMTE I think that'd be a win win situation. Too often in franchises the people who work on them become so myopic they lose track of developments in the media and genre around them. At times it's happened with Who, Trek and Bond, they all became stuck in a rut completely devoid from contemporary film and television because the makers only knew how to make Who, Trek and Bond. Always best to keep your finger in other things.

[I actually don't think there's a job Douglas Adams didn't do during his poorer days. I think his author blurb used to end his list of past vocations with "...And all the sorts of jobs authors do to fill up a biography in the back of the book like this".]

As for Windblade, I had no problem with the ending. It was much more interesting than them defeating Starscream or Chromia getting her comeuppance, they basically all have to accept they've been dicks and need to move on and actually work together or Cybertron's going to descend into the same old shit all over again. The real problem is the (otherwise rather sweet) Wheeljack issue of RID didn't handle the follow up very well with Chromia being far too gittish for it to be remotely likely this new alliance would ever work.

Certainly if Barber or even Roberts were to stand down from their series I'd have no issues with Scott being the new full time writer.
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