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Had a look at some picks of Megs in alt mode and robot mode over at TFW 2005 and he looks pretty decent, all told. The Armada version somehow manages to be poorer than , well the original Armada toy... nice to see some newer lines recognised in the Generations line...although 2002 doesn't seem so far away to me.

Menasor looks pretty poor as a gestalt though. Its down to Motormaster, sadly. The truck mode is good, but the robot is just too bulky and weird looking and has a tiny tiny head in a box (I'd have just jettisoned this and risked fanboy ire myself as it looks crappy) in robot mode and Menasor himself also has a disproportionately small head and the limbs look really bulky and overshadow the torso altogether. The rest of the Stunticons look neat though and I am quite excited about them.
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