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I was in a shop today and saw an old comic with Death's Head II on the cover fighting a bloke called Liger. I can't remember the title of the comic, other than it started with a 'W'. Something like Wasters or Wilders... something with two syllables. Anyone know the one I mean? Is it rare and worth millions?
That's Warheads*. Like all the Marvel UK titles, its pretty worthless. The issue you describe is likely one of # 5 -7 which featured Death' Head II in the lead up to the launch of his own ongoing series in a terrible load of arse that introduced the Sapphire Lotus. If its not one of them, might be the Mys-Tech Wars crossover issue.

If 2014's Revolutionary War had sold truckloads, it'd be a different story...

I have finally got #36 this week and read it. I liked that this was a little lighter on the plot and had loads of really, really great character moments, but still feeds into the larger story. Whirl with his claws, Roller not feeling 'special' (I still hold out hope that he isn't Tarn). The handshake with Trailbreaker and the lovely telephone conversation with Pax and Megatron. MTMTE is so dense, I do like it when it takes its foot off the pedal and there's a bit of space to just take it all in.

*A group of mercenaries whom were sent through wormholes across time and space to retrieve any technology likely to be of worth to Mys-Tech, a shadowy corporate entity whom would use this to free themselves from their contract with Mephisto. Anything that didn't further this aim was recycled into military and consumer goods. The series focused on Warheads Kether Troop, lead by Colonel Tigon Liger.
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