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Oooh, that last line just fried my tiny mind there!

And the guessing underlines how effortlessly brilliant this comic is. Shocks aplenty with totally memorable sequences & scenes that'll live in my memory long after most other Transformer imagery has gone:

- A one-armed Chromedome lying foetal on the floor.
- Ratchet firing a shot off Overlord's chin.
- That epic picture of Skids facing a horde of Legislators rising from the oil.
- Most scenes involving Whirl (especially when he's angry or smiling).
- Film night.
- The double-page peril of Overlord causing carnage on the Lost Light, being slightly worried to turn the page in case he's killed one of your favourites.
- Misfire with a serious expression saying "Emergency huddle".
- Tarn whispering to Black Shadow, or nearly saying F*** to Fulcrum.
- Whirl standing over Fort Max, whom he's just pierced through the throat.
- Swerve's face blown off (utterly shocking when viewing the preview that stops right there!)
- Overlord grinning evilly at Chromedome before the unlock sequence to the slow cell is revealed. I really felt my heart sink for Chromedome at that moment!
- Megatron & Pax.
- Rung & Megatron.
- Ratchets fondness for Drift concealed as grumpiness.
- The Shockwave reveal (hey, I was shocked!)
- Hoping to god with every panel that Fort Max could hold off Overlord before he fully came to his senses.
- Most of Overlord's lines being just brilliant: "Amazing, you talk only in names".

And so many more!
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