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I struggled to see what was holding him back. He says he needs the drink to keep up with the others, but he is a 0.1 percenter Heavyweight class which I'm guessing makes him one of the toughest of the tough.

Do you think that puts him on a par with Overlord minus the Ununtrium?

Regardless of the others, Pax doesn't have any special skills other than being determined. Unless he feels somewhat dim compared to Pax (and maybe that's reasonable what with everyone being so incredibly impressed by Pax's ingenuity).

But yes, I really like the idea of Roller becoming Tarn because he wants to.I was wondering about the 'transformation' process, because in Shadowplay he comes across as quite gentle, but in the latest issue he's crushing a skull in his hand. I hope there's enough panel space to make the change believable.

It makes good sense what you say; forcing him to become Tarn makes him an unfortunate victim. To do it by choice makes him the total Tarn-y bastard he needs to be!
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