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Originally Posted by zigzagger View Post
Re: MP-21G -- Usually not too crazy about chrome myself. Sans the Transmetals stuff, of course; those were fabulous. But this I kinda like. The gold is slightly dulled, so it's not as obnoxious per Takara's usual antics. Makes the mold just pop.
Is it even chromed? It's really hard to tell in a picture this size, but it seems too flat to be gold chrome. I was thinking it might actually be a really nice gold paint.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Oh yeah, there was a regular one as well as the Gobot, wasn't there...
There was! It was one of the nicest Minibots IMO, though the chrome on mine has started to discolour a bit over the decades.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
They're going to get a decent number of mould reuses out of this with a new head or two.
The list is pretty deep for this mold, isn't it? Aside from the original and this, there's Goldbug obviously. And red Bumblebee, which a lot of folks will buy as a Cliffjumper stand-in. Then Glyph and Bugbite, and I suppose there's a ton of Latin American decos too. So they definitely won't be hurting for ideas. But like Sideswipe, I doubt they'll put out all of them.

And that's before you consider the possibility that they might reshell the thing as Cliffjumper, Hubcap and Bumper, which is probably a 50/50 proposition.

Originally Posted by AndrewDTurnbull View Post
I chucked an order in with Robot Kingdom for this. The G2 homage made it a must buy toy. Though I would still go for an MP Goldbug toy further down the line.
I almost did the same, until I saw the ridiculous shipping rates they were charging to Canada. I've gotten EMS quotes for similar-sized items coming from Asia that were less than what they wanted for bog-standard surface shipping that'll take the better part of a month to get here. No thanks.

I guess I'll wait and see what the price is when he pops up on Japanese sites before I decide whether or not I'm getting one. The G2 homage makes it pretty close to a must-have for me as well, especially since I already have G2 Sideswipe and those two were in my top-five favourite toys when I was little.

Originally Posted by numbat View Post
Were there issues with orange paint? My MP Bumblebee is yellow, and I have to say my favourite Masterpiece to date. Infact he's my favourite Transformer ever.
Maybe it's just how he looks in pictures, but the colour looks closer to a block of cheddar cheese than the bright, cheery yellow that I'd expect from a cartoon-based Bumblebee. Of course, that's probably just me being picky on account of how many other good Bumblebee toys I already own. The more toys I own of a character, the higher my standards get for any new one.
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