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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
More's the pity. I could actually go for a reissue set of Coneheads.
My thoughts were similar, at least until I remembered how much I hate the G1 seekers I already own. Then I was happy that it will probably cost too much for me to ponder buying and then regretting.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
And a titan class combiner wars Devastator has been found in TRU Canada's listing system.

"Supposedly" six voyager sized constructicons.
The six-Voyagers rumour has been circling around ever since the Combiner Wars stuff was first revealed. I imagine we'll find out for sure in about a month at this year's NY Toy Fair.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I dunno, $80 seems alright to me, but Hasbro's earlier reissue set has been pricy on the aftermarket for about 3 years now and whilst this RRP might seem daft, it still seems reasonable - that's what, 50 - about the same as the Takara Bookbox set and previous Hasbro Outing cost over here. Are folk just upset becasue they're now just having to pay UK prices...?
Don't forget that if it's $80 in the US, it's in all likelihood going to be 80 in the UK...

And people are upset (or at least confused) because Hasbro sold the same set for $40 barely five years ago and it didn't exactly fly off the shelves for that price. Honestly I'm surprised they're reissuing them at all, at least so soon. If anything, with combiners being the big theme of this year's line you'd think they'd trot out Devastator or Bruticus or whichever other combiner molds haven't been completely destroyed. Well, not the Seacons since BBTS is still trying to get rid of the last run, or the Predacons since they did them last year (and that was some poor planning, IMO). But any of the others.
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