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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
My thoughts were similar, at least until I remembered how much I hate the G1 seekers I already own. Then I was happy that it will probably cost too much for me to ponder buying and then regretting.
Oh, I know the jet mold is probably the weakest of the Diaclone lot, but I like the differentiation the Coneheads embody. But I don't like it enough to pay a premium for it.

And people are upset (or at least confused) because Hasbro sold the same set for $40 barely five years ago and it didn't exactly fly off the shelves for that price.
Less than that, even... I think I paid $35 or even $30 for the set at full price. They didn't hang around here to go on clearance, though.

Well, not the Seacons since BBTS is still trying to get rid of the last run, or the Predacons since they did them last year (and that was some poor planning, IMO). But any of the others.
Are they really still trying to peddle of Seacon sets? I might look into some extra sets if they're cheap enough... They are back up to full price.
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