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Honestly, with the way Trypticon's prices have gone up over the years I think a lot of people would be up for it even at $200.

Oh, and just to underscore how silly the $80 Insecticons are...didn't Hasbro reissue Predaking for around $120 just last year? Considering how each individual Predacon uses nearly as much plastic as all three Insecticons combined, it's a surprise they didn't try to sell them for double that.

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If I remember the various posts properly, I'm pretty sure most of that info (specifically on the re-issues) is coming out of Hong Kong. Makes me think some of this info pertains to Hasbro Asia exclusives as opposed to normal releases. Just a guess though
That would make sense too, since Hasbro has done exclusives for the Asian market before. A lot of that stuff eventually came out in the west too, but not all of it.
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