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Default Punishment One-shot

Got this yesterday, avoided it when it was on MadeFire on the grounds that it looked gimmicky and unnecessary.

Though the mystery is not strung out the same way it would have been when serialised, this works just fine in print. Quite impressed by it overall. A very simple, straightforward whodunnit that strikes a classic Chandler vibe by being very hopeful despite the darkness.

I'm not generally a fan of Livio for finicky reasons but the art here was consistent and clear and served the narrative.

Dug the Firecons as baddies, not quite convinced on someone making bullets out of their magic powers but hey ho whatever. Slag was great - I really like Barber's Dinobots to the extent I'd say they might be the definitive Dinobots for me.

Optimus is sufficiently badass throughout - ripping a bullet out of his tummy with his bare hands is one for the books.
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