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Even before that if I dig back.
Movie Premium figs from 2007/8, not to mention all those little "running changes" where QC/design etc. couldn't be ****ed to sort stuff first.

Mind, it's also okay to not bother sorting speech bubbles and the like in comics then fix it for the trades. Or, bluntly, sticking a ****-ton of original material not avaliable elsewhere in trades. Or reissuing some vintage G1 figure with bonus accessories or a cassette people have heard of. Boat's probably sailed on that one.

I'd actually like the idea of a five-member combiner you could get more than five figures for, much more choice - any way you can do Superion without Slingshot is good because Slingshot's a knob. It's certainly a really fun way to do repaints and retools - a Decepticon retool of Air Raid that could do on a Bruticus without having to crack out a whole team to go with him, that sort of thing. I'd like G1 Defensor a lot more if there was a serious alternative to Groove.

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